Welcome to our site!

St. Paul Ostomy Association has resumed in-person meetings, and our next meeting is on Saturday, May 21st! Once again, we will meet from 10 a.m. to 12 noon at Faith United Methodist Church, 1530 Oakdale Ave., West St. Paul.

   In May, we hold our elections and will be voting on the following candidates (nominations from the floor also accepted). If you would like to run, please reach out to anyone of the board members.

   President – Lois Meger is Running

   Vice President- open

   Treasurer- Tom Lehman

   Secretary- Linda Rudeen

   May is also our appreciation for our family members who have supported us through the Ostomy process. Connie will be purchasing some treats for us.  Please do not bring any homemade food. Connie would like to know how many are attending, so please give her a call with the number of guests you will bring. Connie’s phone number is 952.234.0287.