What is that?

I had been wearing my pouching system for 2 days. No area had any pulling away at the edges, so I figured I’d get another day of wear time. Nope. In the evening, I starting having itching underneath. Crazy itching. It felt as if I couldn’t get that pouch off fast enough–both for relief and to see what was going on.

Despite the urgency I felt, I removed the pouch with the “push down skin, pull off pouch” method. Then, I could see. The barrier ring had simply melted away on one whole half of the circle. Now there was a raised area of skin that looked like a blister. What is that?, I asked myself. Great. Is that going to stay like that?, I wondered.

I had no choice; I had to replace. So, I removed residue with a wipe, then cleansed my skin with my Aloe Vesta cleanser. Put on the new barrier ring, covered it with the new pouch.

Hmmm, what had happened? Did I drink anything new recently? Yes. Yes, I did. I had been feeling a cold coming on, so I drank a warm electrolyte-replacement beverage. I have no idea if there is any connection (and I have consumed that product many other times). But, I wonder….

Lucky, lucky, lucky! My replacement pouch felt as comfortable as always, and with the next change, the skin was back to normal. But that itching? I’m so glad I didn’t ignore it! Well, I really couldn’t. ~P.H.

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