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Our Board of Directors and Committee Chairpersons

President:  Lois Meger, 612.423.3514

Vice President:  Patti Herubin, 651.788-6707 (text messages preferred)

Treasurer/Membership:  (open) 

Secretary:  Linda Rudeen, 651.329.2107

Publications and Website Chairperson: Patti Herubin, 651.788.6707 (submit your original newsletter articles or blog writings to

Refreshments Co-Chairpersons:  Gloria Bjorkman, 651.636.0785 and Connie Parizek, 952.234.0287 (if you would like to bring food items to a meeting, please notify Connie or Gloria by the Thursday prior to the meeting date)

Ostomy Products Chairperson:  to donate extra or unneeded supplies, contact Elaine Volkert at 651.226.8553

Visitor Coordinator:  Gloria Bjorkman, 651.636.0785

Program Chairperson:  Lois Meger, 612-423-3514

Outreach Chairperson:  Lois Meger, 612-423-3514

Meeting Greeter: (open)